Soundcore liberty air low sound on call

Hi, I´ve bought the soundcore liberty air, and the sound while listening music is wonderfull, but on phone calls the sound is incredible low. The most of the time it´s almost impossible to ear. Anyone with this problem?

Due to the long distance from the mouth, call quality of Total Wireless Earphones is usually not good. By using the dual-mic noise reduction, Liberty Air can provide much better call quality than most TWS on the market, but if outside noise is too loud or too close to the user, this will influence the call quality.

The problem is on my side. I´m unable to listen the people on call. They can ear me but I can´t ear them. Comparing the sound from Spotify for example, which is very good, the sound on call in incredible low.

Check your phones setting, you may have separate volumes for media and phone calls

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I have the same problem. Music is great, but my call volume is extremely low. I’ve turned up the call volume on the phone as high as it can go, but the call sound is still very low. My other Bluetooth headset call volume is great. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t want to return them

Hi! Got the same problem on my Samsung S10e. Need help or a refund !

I have the liberty 2 pro earbuds and have the same issue. Music on music audio and sound is great but call audio on my end is very low. I have checked all the settings in my phone and in the sound core app. Has anyone found a fix?

I have the same problem. Music volume is perfect.
Call volume is so low I can not hear them barely at all tried recalibrating sounds didn’t help. Call volume used to be perfect only past maybe month or so