Soundcore Liberty Air: Left Earbud won't charge/connect

I’ve had my Soundcore Liberty Air buds for about a month now. The left earbud has always been finicky, I have had to reconnect it about once a week, but two nights ago it cut out and now will not reconnect (I’ve tried the reset steps in the user manual multiple times) and when I place the buds into the charging case the right one lights up like normal, like it’s charging correctly, but the left one blinks instead of holding the “charging” light like the right.

At first I thought it might be a low battery thing (even though it should have had plenty of battery) so I charged it over night and tried again in the morning to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems that the headphones should be broken, the left side cannot be charged properly.
Please sent email to, our support team will try the best to help you.


Hi, I seem to have the same issue, can you let me know what steps you took to resolve?
I purchased from Amazon.

I’ve got the same issue with the left earbud and have tried recharging but still not working.

I have the same problem - I just bought these from Target - and the left earbud doesn’t even light up in the charging pod. I can’t pair them and they don’t show up in my blue tooth list on my iphone. This seems to be a common problem with this product - I wish I had seen this before I purchased them.

Did you guys get to fix the issue? Can you share how?

Have same issue.
What works for me is to keep the lid of the case open when charging.
Make sure the led lights up on both ear pieces.
If it doesn’t wiggle the earbud until it does come on. Then leave it like this until the led goes off. It will charge properly now.


I am so freaking tired of having to deal with this every week. I spend as much time trying to unf$#k my left pod as I do listening to it. Anker, you really need to offer some kind of replacement program.

Anyway, nothing is working, will try writing to support.

Did you look at the soundcore forum?
May be there are more solutions.
Sorry I dont own such earbuds, so I can give you no help
Try here :

Thanks for the input, Chiquinho. Much appreciated. I’ll check out that site.

I’ve actually tried numerous workouts I’ve found online. Some work, some don’t. And the ones that do work don’t work consistently. Wrote to their support mail address…got a pro-forma mail back. lol