Soundcore liberty air left earbud light not turning on

Hey everyone, today for Christmas my sister got a pair of soundcore liberty air headphones and we are trying to get them paired.

They have been charging for two hours, but the led indicator on the left earbud won’t turn on even when In the case. I have tried resetting them, I have tried just charging the left earbud but that led light will not turn on. The led indicator works just fine on the right earbud and we even managed to get the right earbud paired with the device. The left one, however, won’t even turn on.

Is this just a faulty product? Super annoying, these things should just be working out of the box.

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Did you make sure to remove the plastic tab that covers the charging pins on each earbud? If you didn’t remove it, take a look inside the case to see if its blocking the pins inside the case