Soundcore Liberty Air - Huge bug found?

First of all, I’ve had my Soundcore Liberty Air since December 2018. I’ve been using thm for 3 months almost everyday. I have to admit, as a previous AirPods user, I like these much more.

I think I’ve discovered a major bug, and I’d love if other Liberty Air owners in this forum could help me see if they can reproduce the issue on their Liberty Air’s. When my Liberty Air case runs out of battery, the headphones turn on (still inside the case) and automatically pair with my phone (if within reach).

I think the issue here is that the headphones earpieces turn off when put inside the case because they detect that they are being charged. When the case runs out of battery, they could be detecting that they are no longer being charged (thinking you took them out of the case) and they turn on. But you never actually took them out of the case.

In my test, the case had only one dot out of three of battery (it could mean it was at 10%, for example). When I stopped listening to music, if the headphones needed more battery than the case could provide, it would mean it emptied the case.

If this is reproducible, it would be a major bug, IMHO. The earpieces should stay off if still inside the case, and I should not have to worry that the case ran out of battery.

Can someone else please verify this? I’m currently trying to reproduce again.


I experienced this as well at first, what i found was the while the case was inside my pocket it jostled around enough to open the lid slightly and this causes the earbud to disengage from the charging pin thus turning them on. What I have done since then is put a small rubber band around the case and this keeps them from turning on and keeps them charged as needed


Maybe a stronger/ larger magnet to keep the case closed and a continuity sensor to keep the headphones from turning on when they are in the case even when the case is dead.


But to @rtena’s point - if the case loses charge completely - the earphones will still pair to the phone. Anyway to avoid this condition…

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I understand, but this is not the same case as mine. You mention that the case opens inside your pocket and the headphone detaches slightly, which technically is how they’re supposed to work. Maybe the magnet should be stronger yes.

But back to the issue, the problem I am reporting is that when the case loses its charge COMPLETELY, the headphones turn on, while they are still attached inside the case, and the case is CLOSED and never opened.

I get what your saying, and I have had my headphones charging when the case goes dead. But, they have never turned back on on me when the case has gone dead and they were trying to charge.

I had even tried to replicate this last night to see if it would happen but it didn’t. The liberty air stayed off and did not turn on at any point once the case was dead

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Just made an account to post about this, I just had this happen too. Not good if the battery dies and your headphones just turn on and drain what’s left of the battery.

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The huge problem here is that if the case runs out of battery, there’s no way to turn the headphones off, so they will drain out too.

@AnkerOfficial any comments on this? It seems like a major bug on the device. It would be good to at least confirm it.

What do you mean there is no way to turn the headphones off? All you have to do is tap and hold the touchpad until it shuts off.

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What @tank said

Totally useless comment, but thanks tho

I meant while inside the case. What if this happens overnight or while I have them in my pocket? It will run out of battery while inside the case because they didn’t turn off.

Anyway, it seems @AnkerOfficial doesn’t really care about this.

Listen, I use mine while at work every night and I only charge my case once a week if that. Yes I have had the case run out of battery and my headphones have Never turned on by themselves while inside the case. Sure the case battery died but my headphones still had their charge…

And if your that worried, keep the case charged

First of all, no need to be rude, this is a friendly community forum. Provide solutions, not problems.

Second, you’re*.

Third, I’m so glad you are not experiencing this issue. I do. And I’m not the only one, so it is not a one-time case. If it doesn’t happen to you, I’m happy for you, no need to keep commenting if it’s not going to provide value.

Enjoy your flawless headphones.

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@rtena My apologies I didn’t mean to come off as being rude. I ran my case down last night to try and mimic the same issue you were experiencing. First two times before I didn’t experience this, but last night I did… my right earbud had no charge and couldn’t charge because the case was dead and thus did not turn off, my left earbud which was already in the case and had a full charge did not turn on. Since there was still a charge on the right earbud and not quite dead placing it in the case didn’t turn it off as you have found. I ended up manually turning it off my holding down the button and then placing it in the case.

what gets me is the left earbud never turned on, it was only when i placed my right earbud which was already on that it didn’t turn off when placed inside the case. they need to make it a magnetic switch and not rely on power being applied, this way it will always remain off when in the case regardless of its state of charge.

NOW I get what you were experiencing and I agree it is a problem they need to address, again sorry for before as I never meant to be rude so please forgive me

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No worries. I see you reproduced the issue yourself so we can all agree it is design defect.

I’m still amazed that @AnkerOfficial has not yet commented here.

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Still no comments…

I guess that’s the proximity sensors job on the airpods … since the battery is dead in the case, they automatically “assume” they’re out of the box because there is no voltage on the charging pins and i bet anker forgot to implement when the pins get shorted they should stay off because they’re in the case or some trick with the magnet and a hall sensor, come on “we” landed on the moon 50 years ago … (hence the no response, someone forgot something in the r&d department).
I guess the only workaround is to turn off the bt on each disconnect (ifttt can do it i guess) then they’ll get “bored” and turn off. The only drawback is that you have to turn them back on manually if you want to use up the last set of juice in them.

This kinda blows. I just assumed that the earphones would shut off (or go on standby) if I removed it from my ears. So you’re telling me that if I remove the Liberty Air earbuds from my ear and just leave them on my desk, that they will run out of battery within hours?


There is ZERO chance that I’d be turning them on/off manually after each use. I guess I’ll just have to make sure that the charger always has plenty of power.

Just send them back if you have the chance. I would, but none of my issues are eligible for a 100% return at the shop if you know what i mean. They just check it and send the same product back …
But as I said in the post above yers, turn off the bt on device disconnect, then they’ll go off …