Soundcore liberty air dies about 5 minutes after supposedly fully charged

I’m constantly having trouble with my new liberty airs dying only after 5 minutes of being supposedly fully charged. Most of the time it’s just the left one which I’m assuming when the sound cuts off and it makes a connected tone that it’s dying. They didn’t mention sound cut off in the manual so I’m only assuming that’s what it is. A couple of other friends have the same issue so I don’t know if we just got faulty earphones or if these are crap earphones, everyone says how good they are but I’m not so sure. Anyone else have the same issue and maybe have a solution? I can’t imagine everyone is listening to their music for only 5 minutes and then switch to other headphones lol

I would recommend you contact anker support at

I have really enjoyed my soudncore Liberty Air. I hope soundcore will help you enjoy them as much as I do!

Have you tried pairing and unpairing them? As well as making sure they are sitting right when charging. I’m not sure what else to do off the top of my head right now but if all else fails either someone else will have a solution of customer service will help. They are really great and if it is still under warranty they will probably send you a new one if need be.

Before you contact the support (As weekend it will take some time to get an answer)
you should wait if there will be more suggestions from our friends here.

How many times do I say this.

If a product is charged with TOO much energy, it will not charge, and will give you a FALSE POSITIVE (it says charged but it’s not).

TRICKLE CHARGE. You must make sure it has trickle charge or power IQ (iq only gives asuch as the product needs/wants).

Big power works on tablets/lappys/phones, but not on small stuff… Headphones etc.

Can i know if you did solve this problem or not? Because am suffering the same after paying 120$ for it