Soundcore Liberty Air Battery Dying Quickly While Connected to MacBook Pro

I have been using my Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds for four months now, basically every day, and I love them. Very worthwhile purchase, I have definitely gotten my money’s worth already. They work particularly well when I have them connected to my iPhone XR.

However, I sometimes like to listen to music from my Macbook pro while I am doing work so I can go back and forth between listening to music and videos seamlessly. The issue is, when I am connected to my MacBook Pro I am finding that the earbuds are dying within 30-45 minutes, even when I am just listening to music. They last easily 2-3 or more hours while I am connected to my iPhone, which is great, but it is frustrating that I have so little time with them before I have to recharge them while I am using my MacBook.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there some way that I can fix this so that my Air earbuds are not draining so quickly while I am connected to my laptop. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have a Mac but I will guess that maybe the headphones are having a hard time keeping a strong signal, like cellphones in areas with bad reception. Its there some kind of setting maybe in your Mac regarding signal output.