Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro - electronic squeak/squeal upon adjustment in ear

Bought these recently off Amazon, listed ‘New’ by Woot. Box appeared to be opened but internals undisturbed, so…(?). Here’s my issue… when I adjust the earbuds while in ear they emit this electronic squeak or squealing sound. The left is the worst and always does it when adjusted. The right periodically squeaks. Otherwise, they perform incredibly and I like them very much.

Never had this issue with any other earbuds, from any vendor. But, never owned earbuds from Anker/Soundcore and so don’t know if this is normal. Any feedback would be appreciated, as I’m seriously contemplating returning them due to my perception of this issue being a defect.

This could be feedback if you start out with ANC on, or even from where you are holding them.

Perhaps you are holding over the microphone hole?

Have you updated the firmware in them using the app?

Is it isolated only to the left one? I have a pair and I don’t notice any feedback or such, unless I cough hard and I get a bit of a squeak but due to feedback, and usually the right earbud.

I’d suggest trying out a few different methods on adjusting (if you haven’t already) and if no improvement I’d look to send back through Amazon. USA?

It does happen with me too, when anc is on and you adjust the buds thn they squeak, bcz the microphone is active all the times to cancel the frequencies from the environment and that’s why adjusting them while anc on, it’s not a problem though ! I did find it an airpods pro too !

thanks, very helpful and appreciated. turns out it is due to anc.

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makes sense and thanks for the feedback. turns out it is due to anc.

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I’m new here, so if I went any wrong, pls assist me :grimacing: btw thanks for your kind gesture sir.