Soundcore Liberty Air 2 pairing to device

Hi all,
I recently bought a pair of LA2 earbuds and I have a question about connection. My phone seems to be incompatible with the Qualcomm true wireless stereo plus, resulting in only the right earbud to be connected to the phone and sending the signal to the left. Now, when I bought these I read everywhere that both earbuds are supposed to be connected to the phone, making it easy to switch to mono mode on the fly, and having a more uniform battery drain. Is it a problem with my phone being incompatible or is the feature actually not real/not working? This is kind of a deal-breaker for me, and if the problem is with my phone (iPhone 6s) I would be happy to upgrade to take advantage of this feature.

What you are seeing looks correct. Page 2 of the manual will tell you how to pair your LA 2 to your phone.

What you are talking about is TrueWireless Stereo Plus where your phone connects to left and right earbuds individually. This article gives detailed explanation about it so I would recommend checking it out in case you really want to upgrade your phone.

Let us know if you have any further questions

I see, thanks for sharing the article now it makes more sense. It’s a shame that only the snapdragon 800 supports stereo plus but at least I now know what chip to look for. Thanks for the help!

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Most phones that have bluetooth 5.0 can also support dual audio. In this case you can pair each earbud individually to your phone. I have been doing this with soundcore earbuds back to the liberty neos

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