Soundcore Liberty Air 2 one bud not charging

I am using the this earbuds for few days. From the very beginning the right airbud was not charging properly. Sometimes it charges but most of the time it doesn’t. I have tried cleaning the connector of the airbud. But no luck.
Any suggestions?

There are more earbud users, I am sure they will help.

Try also cleaning the case pins. Look down inside for any debris.

I know you say not charging, but Note that asymmetric load is expected, whichever bud is taken out first drains faster assuming you paired correctly. Some people are not looking at their phones and not accepting the left pairing request, that’s most common issue.

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If cleaning the case doesn’t work try using a different cable

If it were cable your expect both buds to suffer.
Asymmetric drain is normal but asymmetric charging if sure no grime is a hardware failure.

That’s right, I didn’t read it properly and assumed both earbuds were not charging lol

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