Soundcore Liberty Air 2 not connecting on app

I’ve read the posts about re- connecting app, Bluetooth and earphones and works well with IPhone but app is still not locating them. Anything else I can do?

Delete the pairing, reset the buds.

I see in your other post here you already reset.

Then pair again. Connect to them.

Then go into the app while they are bluetooth connected the devices and connect there. Should work. If after all the above doesn’t then contact support.

The most common error is not yours, people expect the app to do the pairing and connecting for them, no you do that all without the app and then use the app purely to control the buds higher level features like EQ.

If you do make the app work, you’re possibly going to be offered immediately a firmware upgrade, do that. Then best cleanliness is to then delete pairing and reset and pair again and app connect again, it helps fix some more esoteric issues some have.

Are you absolutely sure you are in the app trying to connect to the Liberty Air 2, and not one of the other similarly named buds like the Liberty Air 2 Pro?

Are you absolutely sure after reset and pairing you paired the RIGHT bud? It is the bud which controls the app. After reset with buds in case, take the right bud out, pair with it. It then offers to pair L bud, accept that but then ignore, never connect to L bud. Then go into app.

Let us know if anything works.