Soundcore LIberty Air 2 microphone not working on Windows 10 Laptop

Having an issue where my windows 10 laptop doesn’t recognize the microphone on my Liberty Air 2s.

No problem pairing, and can hear sound just fine, but only showing connection for music in the bluetooth window.

No problems pairing to phones or other devices to use as a microphone and people can hear me just fine on a call.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried to remove the bt driver given by MS as default and install the genuine one from the manufacturer of your bt card?
Often helps to solve issues.

I was about to say to update the drivers

Can you elaborate what you mean by installing the ‘genuine’ one from the manufacurer of your bt card? I am also having similar issues.

Yes. :smiley: check your MS system and find out what bluetooth card is integrated in your computer.
When you know the type and the manufacturer, delete the installed driver from your system and install that one which is given by the manufacturer instead,

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Currently have the same problem. Every time I try to use the microphone on the Liberty Air 2. The sound on the Earphones mute…

Here’s a screen shot of my input devices for audio

Hi CARL20 did you get to solve this? I have the exact same problem. Because I only get to select hands free option, my mic quality is TERRIBLE!

I see this in my Bluetooth services tab under control panel. Those 2 “Unknown service” boxes bother me. I assume this should be the STEREO option of my INPUT device.

I pair it with a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. I really can’t find a fix! I only see the Hands Free option in the Input selection. Hoping someone can assist

Has anyone had any luck in solving this?

I have the same problem. I can hear sound, but the microphones do not work.


I have updated the liberty air 2s to their latest firmware. I have also updated my Laptop bluetooth drivers to the latest Intel wireless bluetooth Windows 10 drivers downloaded from Intel’s website.

After doing all that your best bet is to contact support