Soundcore liberty air 2 left earbud not working

Soundcore liberty air 2 left earbud not working. When I try do pair with my phone, only the right ear pair, the left doesn’t .

Try to reset the Liberty Air 2, follow the steps in the YouTube video

Liberty Air 2: How to Reset the Earbuds

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Did not work for me. Same situation as OP. Left side does not work, only right side.

When I attempt to reset, only the right side will reset. Only right side enters pairing mode. Left side will charge, but is otherwise unresponsive to any case button presses for pairing mode or reset. Only thing I can do is long press the left earbud itself to turn it on and off, but will not pair or do anything else.

I’ve tried cleaning the connections with a rubbing alcohol pad, but no change. I would try to deplete the battery for both the case and earbud, but that would take days, and I’ve already spent 2 days trying to troubleshoot this.

Any other advice?

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I’ve had the Liberty Air 2s for 6 months now. Great sound, affordable, comfortable…you name it. But the left earbud issue never went away. I must have reset them a hundred times, but there was always a glitch: they wouldn’t connect via Bluetooth, the left bud didn’t work, devices would see one side only etc. I regret to say I’ve chucked in the towel and invested in a different brand. Too much hassle…