Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Left earbud is not working

I bought the Anker Liberty Air 2 in February. It worked fine until yesterday. I tried to update the firmware of the earbuds yesterday. However, it couldn’t be finished completely. It stopped saying there was something wrong. Today, the left earbud is not working everytime. When I open the case, even the left earbud’s light doesn’t turn on.It works occasionally but most of time it is not. Can someone please help me with this issue.

I would try to reset the earbuds first and see if this fixes it

then after the reset, you could probably try updating the firmware again. I would make sure the earbuds are fully charged as well as the device you are using for the update in order to try to prevent issues in the update if either dies.

this is also a double post… please don’t double post it actually decreases the chances of you getting helpful advice since other people that come to help cant see what was already suggested

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