Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L won't turn off in case

I am the proud owner of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2. While I have had a good time using them, I have noticed that when I put the ear buds in my case, the phone still registers the Liberty Air 2-L as being connected to the phone. Even if I open the case and close it again… it will disconnect the device, but after a short while the same device will reconnect to my phone.

As this is draining both the case and the left bud’s battery, I would like to prevent this from happening.

I am on the latest version and I have downloaded the Soundcore App on my phone.

Phone: Pixel 5, Android 11, RD1A.201105.003
Anker: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Firmware 1.57

Check the L bud and case metal contacts, any kind of debris or dirt.

If that doesn’t resolve then contact with proof of purchase

They’re less then 2 weeks old. It seams the left side is a bit more fiddly when it comes to connecting to the contacts as I notice it doesn’t always registered when I push it into place. They right side never as any issues what so ever.

I seem to recall one user found the cause was the user had one bud shaped / sized differently where the bud (rubber, goes into ear canal) on one side was sufficiently large / shape it stopped the stick going properly in. May have been @Tank mentioned it.

ah yes, different eartip sizes can cause issues with charging such as when using the larger eartips. as I always mention try and push down on the earbuds when inserting them into the case. and make sure the white charging light comes on. another alternative is to make sure that the pins inside the case are not bent or pushed to one side, I had one pin get bent and didnt always make connection so I took a retractable pen and put it over the pin and gently bent it back into place and it has been working ever since

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I was gonna suggest using a smaller ear tho to make sure it makes contact with the wire

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I will give it a shot but changing the ear bud size seams like a poor design choice considering I want to choose what fits in my ears comfortably, not what works with my case as the reason to choose ear buds.

I have the Life P2 and then the Liberty Air 2.

The LA2 is noticeably tighter case, once I got the LA2, Tank’s comments on buds made a lot more sense. It is tight.

Bad design it may be, but first find if this is the true issue, then decide what to do about it.

It is constantly draining batteries for no reason which is going to kill the lifespan of the battery as I am constantly charging it. I would say its a legit problem.

  1. You have to reset.

  1. Reconnect again.

This should be helpful for other users :+1: