Soundcore Liberty Air 2 issues with audio quality

Hi everyone.

Hope you are all well.

I was sent the Liberty Air 2 to review and I’ve been using them now for a few weeks, but I’m not getting the great audio quality others who’ve tested have been raving about.

Bass is fine, which is tight and punchy, but I find the mid range to upper frequencies terribly harsh and ‘splashy’ - whereas the same tracks using my sons Soundcore Liberty Neo sounds absolutely fine.

The problem is most apparent from around 30% volume onwards.

I reached out to a few of my YouTube friends who’ve also tested and they all said people have had very mixed experience with the Liberty Air 2 - some great, some with the same issue as me.

I’m not in the business of giving bad reviews where I don’t believe it’s right to do so, nobody gains anything from that. I thought I’d give them a few weeks to loosen up and shake off the harsh edge some earbuds have when new, but no change :frowning:

So I thought I’d reach out and see if anyone else has had the same experience?

Thanks in advance! :+1:


I don’t personally own a Liberty Air 2 but I would say you might want to mess around with different size eartips and resetting the earbuds if you haven’t already

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried all the warriors supplied and also the ones from my wired OnePlus Bullets and the audio signature is still the same. I’ve also played around with the EQ settings and the same applies whether EQ is applied or not.

It’s very strange as a friend of mine had a pair and says he doesn’t have this issue. My partner also said she found them quite ‘tinny’ sounding in the mid range, so I know I’m not going mad :rofl:

Appreciate the reply though.

Huh I would say there’s something wrong with your unit then. You could shoot an email to Soundcore to see if they can figure it out or send an exchange unit

I think that’s where I’m headed :+1:

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