Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is not connecting properly to my phone

I have the problem that my headphones (Liberty Air 2) do not connect properly to my phone. This happens in 9 out of 10 times when I take the headphones out of the charging case. I always take the right one first, put it in my ear and then I hear first the power-on sound, then the battery announcement and a little later the sound that a connection has been made. During this time I have also taken the left earphone out of the case and put it in my ear. After a few seconds I hear the connection sound also on this one. But I do not hear anything of what I play on my phone, it doesnt matter which app I am using (Spotify, PodCastAddict…) the sound still comes from the smartphone speaker itself.

When I then look into the Android bluetooth settings section of my phone, it also says that the headphones are connected and a charge level of 100% is displayed (even if the headphones aren’t actually fully charged). I can also change e.g. the volume from the headphones (via the touchpads), this seems to work because i can see the volume slider widget at the phone changing. But I do not hear any sound through the headphones.

I then have to unpair and reconnect the headphones each time in the bluetooth settings of the phone. After that, everything will work.

I have exactly the same behaviour with a pair of Zolo Liberty+.

And I also have a pair of JBL Free, with them it doesn’t happen. They connect as soon as I take them out of the case. But I’d like to continue using the Liberty Air 2, because they sound good and last well in sport.

My phone is a Pocophone F1 by the way.

Is there anybody who has any hint how to repair this annoying behaviour? This was the reason why i bought the JBL as a replacement for the Zolo Liberty+. Now it comes back with the new Liberty Air 2.

Thanks, Jens

We are sorry to hear your headphones are not working properly. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual. Thank you for trying some torubleshooting already, please try the following steps to see if it helps at all.

  1. Firstly try to forget the pairing records(both Liberty Air 2 and Liberty Air 2 L) on your device and turn off the Bluetooth.
  2. Reset the earbuds per the steps below. After the reset, you will see the white light flashes quickly on the one earbud and the light flashes slowly on the other side, which means they pair together.
    –Place the earbuds back into the charging case and keep the case open.
    –Tap and hold the button at the back of the case for 10 seconds until both earbuds’ LED lights flash red 3 times.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth again and search for Liberty Air 2 and pair.

When there is a pop-up window for you to confirm pairing. Select “pair”. If you select “cancel” accidentally, you need to delete the earbuds from the device’s Bluetooth history and re-pair the earbuds.

If the issue still persists, don’t worry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.


Itsn unsual, we too have the same problem in getting it connected. It has become annoying and totally disappointing! Seriously!!!