Soundcore Liberty Air 2 hissing noise


Recently I bought the Soundcore Liberty Air 2, and they worked great: phenomenal sound with an adequate bass, beautifully simple design, good touch controls, and amazing comfort; however, one day, something happened to the left earbud, and they would refuse to play sound unless I put them in my ear in a specific position, and the slightest of movement would stop the sound. So, upon talking with Soundcore Support, I got my hands on a replacement pair. And now, I meet a different problem. They make this really noticeable hissing sound when sound is playing, and even after I stop the sound, the hissing continues for a couple seconds until going away. It’s really quite annoying, as I don’t remember the ones I got before having this hissing noise.

Do the brilliant people here have an idea as to what could possibly be the cause? Also, if need be, I’ll gladly give more details about my situation, if the details are needed for the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance,

Is more specific forum.

Understood. Thanks!