Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Issue

Hello, I am having a random issue that I cannot duplicate whenever I want, so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing it, but here it is.

I’ll use the earbuds normally, and place them into the case while am doing something where I can’t be wearing them. Music will pause normally as “wear detection” will notice I took them off. Both earbud touch controls were working normally when removed. When both earbuds are removed from the case, I’ll put them back in, and resume music playback via my phone, but then I’ll notice the touch sensor for the RH earbud does not work for any of the available touch functions. Placing the earbud(s) back into the case, does not resolve the issue. I have to reset them, and lose any saved settings. It’s happened 3 times now, in the two weeks I’ve owned them.

Soundcore has a dedicated community which is where support read.

It is the community that the app points you to - not here.

Having said that, its similar members are in both and support are slow at reading Soundcore community.

so 1) post this in
and 2) email