Soundcore Liberty 2 pro - vs Jabra 75t (decisions...decisions...decisions)

Hi Community. As a long time Anker fan, I am very very interested in the new Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. Based on specs and advertising - the audio quality, battery life, USB-C, wireless charging, etc, all seem really good. What I cannot seem to find is reviews of the headset fit (comfort), and the telephony voice quality (far side). These are very important to me, making me lean towards the new Jabra 75t (ugh). Does anybody yet have enough use time to share about comfort and telephony experiences? Any insights appreciated!

Hi @singlemalt there are a couple of reviews over on the Soundcore Collective community here

Thanks @ndalby. Will take a look.

After looking at a ton of reviews, everyone is raving about the comfort level and how they can stay in all day without their ears getting tired. I haven’t seen enough about the call quality to speak on its behalf.

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