Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Codes

I will not be using my code if anyone in the US is interested in using it. I thought I would pass it along to anyone who might benefit from it. Remember it says each code can only be used once.



Code anyone can use
Probably replace US with DE for Germany or CA for Canada, etc
The code works for anyone, it’s quantity limited so first come first served

One-time codes do exist for $50 those to share here so in reality the special codes are $20 off more than anyone can use.


Thank you for the clarification about the code.

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Confirming the Germany code: Liberty30DE

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Does anyone have a 50$ code for Canada.
Looking forward to grab one of these?

@ Yoursan21 Not sure but I would try Liberty30CA

Just ordered mine with Liberty30uk in the uk worked brilliantly on Amazon. Can’t wait to receive them

That gives 30 CAD off but I am looking for 50 CAD codes.

Dang. Too bad I’m not currently in the market for new ear buds, these are good prices

Those codes sure help bring the price down

The promotional code ended on the 14th of January 2021.