Soundcore Liberty 2 earphones make loud popping sound

Hi there, I am experiencing an issue where occasionally my earphones will make an incredibly loud popping sound that frightens me to death. I always jump out of my skin and obviously I often use my headphones when I am out and about/commuting etc so I feel very stupid and humiliated when it happens lol.
I found this person also experiencing the same issue:

I only bought these headphones within the last 6 months or so but I remember it occurring fairly early on. It didn’t happen often enough for me to think the earphones are faulty but it is really scary/inconvenient. It’s making me wish I chose different earphones… what is going on here? Is anyone else having this problem with their Liberty 2s?

You should publish your “claim” there,
though its not the soundcore service!

Hope you find a helping hand.

I have the Liberty 2 and I have not had an issue with them. I have used them with different mobile devices and I have also used them with my pc as well. I enjoy the sound that they make.

Have you tried to connect them to different devices? Are they doing the same on the different devices? If yes, I would use the for sure.

You can always try to delete them from all devices, reset them and then connect them back to one device at a time. I would do on a couple of different ones as to eliminate or verify that it is the device or the device you are connecting them too.

Maybe you got a bad unit, I’d recommend to get them replaced

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not sure what you mean by “claim” but sure I will post there, don’t super understand what is different ehe

i have used them on my macbook and my ipad as well but not nearly as much as i use them on my phone so it’s hard to say if it occurs on my other devices. i will use them on my macbook all day today and report back