Soundcore Launch Giveaway!

Our all-new audio brand, Soundcore, goes live today! With a little hard work and a lot of innovation, we want to show listeners they don’t need to part with hundreds of dollars to get incredible sound.

Speaking of innovation, Soundcore’s first products include workout earphones with brand-new and exclusive SweatGuard technology. And to celebrate the launch we’re giving away 350 Spirit and 350 Spirit X earphones—the world’s first truly sweatproof earphones.

“Wait a second!” you might say. “My earphones are already sweatproof!”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but at best your earphones are ‘water resistant’.

Water resistance is measured using the IP (Internal Protection) scale. A device’s IP rating is determined using water-ingress tests ranging from gentle splashing to high-pressure jets and deep submersion.

For phones, tablets, and other handheld devices, these tests are sufficient. Unfortunately, for earphones, the IP scale is almost useless, and that is for one reason: Humans do not sweat water, they sweat… sweat; a significantly more corrosive and destructive substance. Without proper defense, sweat and sweat vapor can quickly damage earphones and plunge workouts into silence.

SweatGuard uses two specialized technologies to neutralize the threat of sweat:

  • A submarine-inspired structure that hermetically seals and encases sensitive components.
  • A hydrophobic nano-coating which creates an impermeable barrier around the USB port and internal circuitry.

And even if you’re not lucky enough to win Spirit or Spirit X, we’ve got over 10,000 discounts on other Soundcore and Anker audio products.

So what are you waiting for? Get over there now!


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Soundcore site under maintenance :scream:

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Entered, if I win I hope it’s the spirit. …

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Can see a few comments coming about previous versions being ‘described’ as this on Amazon… :innocent:

Good luck to those entering, the Spirit X certainly look good :grin:


That and this Sweat Guard isn’t that new… It was heavily touted with Liberty and Liberty+.

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This is awesome! I’m in!

Yeah, I’ve had that problem before. Bought earphones for running, they literally started disassembling after a few months.


You say these are actually fully sweatproof, but isn’t any IP rating starting with an X, not truly water/dust proof (IP x. 7) It is ONLY those with 2 numbers … IP57 (just example) are actually fully dust/water proof.

I’d still happyly win a pair… Esp spirit, rather than spirit X, as the over the ear hooks hurt me ears.

just requested an X via power user

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woot another contest lets see who get lucky

Cheers @AnkerOfficial you know we all love a giveaway.

Would be thrilled with either set :pray:

For those who like tear downs JerryRigEverything gives them both a good once over :grin:


:thumbsup: Yay, another giveaway.

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Just entered.

Good luck everyone :crossed_fingers:t2:

The earhooks on the Spirit X are actually really rubbery and not hard at all. I hate earhooks too, but these are hardly noticeable when I wear them…:wink:


Hope I win the Spirit-X. The BT 5.0, sweat resistance, 12hr battery life and ear hooks make for some pretty sweet headphones.

Good luck to all.

Yes, I’m excited to see Bluetooth 5.0. I hope that many members of the community win


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

Any reasoning as to why we’re seeing more Bluetooth 5.0 headphones than speakers??

The development cycle of speaker is a bit longer than headphones.
In the second half year, our new audio products will gradually be replaced by Bluetooth 5.0.:grin:


Wow awesome promo and awesome product. Now I have one more reason to workout if I win this!


Guessing Flare+ won’t make the cut (?).

We’ll see if that trend proves to be true when we see the migration to USB-C take place.

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