Soundcore Infini Review

At $99, the Soundcore Infini Soundbar is an impressive 35" wide, sleek-looking tuned port soundbar supporting 2.1 Channel-like sound and Bluetooth. Comes with an IR remote control, two AAA batteries, optical cable, 1/8" stereo mini to RCA stereo cable, power cord, wall mounting hardware & template and a User Manual in 13 languages.

Setup was easy. Connect the power cord, connect either audio cable (optical or stereo audio cable) to your TV’s optical or stereo audio input (there’s a coaxial input on the soundbar but a coaxial cable is not included) and power ON the soundbar. Then with the provided full-size, multi-function remote, select the source input button to activate the corresponding mode. The status indicator on the soundbar will be solid green in optical mode, orange in coaxial mode and cyan in Aux mode. The indicator lights up for 10 seconds. There’s also a USB port which is marked as “Service” which is most likely used for firmware upgrades/troubleshooting, etc.

To activate the convenient Bluetooth mode, press the Bluetooth button on the remote and pair with your Bluetooth device. I use this connection to Bluetooth pair to my Amazon Echo Dot, as the Dot’s sound is rather low and of low quality. With the Soundcore Infini, I’ve boosted the volume and audio quality exponentially. Now when speaking an Alexa command, the Dot will listen and always send audio to the Soundcore Infini, as they are always connected (solid blue indicator). The Soundbar Infini goes into Standby mode (after 30 minutes of inactivity) when not in use and always connects to the last Bluetooth device. I can also pair with my smartphone, tablet, computers or any Bluetooth supported device. For now, I use it with my Amazon Echo Dot and with my TV’s optical output.

It appears that mounting the soundbar is user friendly with the included wall mounting kit, but I will be using it as shown underneath my TV. The sound is very good at this price point but most likely won’t beat more expensive soundbars made by Klipsch, Polk Audio, JBL, Bose, Yamaha or Sonos. It would be nice if the Soundcore Infini could be Bluetooth paired to a future, optional subwoofer and/or have a SUB out to deliver low frequencies to a sub.

The Soundcore Infini is recommended for those on a budget yet require very good sound from a multitude of audio inputs. Link:


Your Nice review and super clear pictures makes me want to buy one

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Nice review

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Thanks is for the review and great pictures.

How is the bass and treble on this?



Excellent overview and pictures @Dez_S :ok_hand:

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Great review and nice pictures! You seem to have a nice home theater setup as well! :smile:

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Thanks. The bass is pretty good but noway near what you get from a dedicated subwoofer.

Since I am mainly using it to Bluetooth connect to my Echo Dot, I had to EQ the high frequency to my taste via the Alexa app.


Thank you. My home theater consists of a Yamaha AV receiver, Bose Acoustimass 5 Cube speaker and a powered JBL subwoofer.

…but I also have two Sonos Play:5 speakers connected to the TV and use them mostly since I can control them via phone or tablet, plus I love the sound.


Nice review but I don’t think that I need one just for Alexa and so on.

BTW I think one image didn’t upload .

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Nice review and great pics.

I like your set up too. I know you mentioned about the while connected to Echo Dot, but for watching movies / sports did you find it lacking anything?

(Curious as I wanna get a soundbar for living room)

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You don’t need a soundbar for an Echo type device. I just happen to use it that way WITH my Echo because this soundbar has Bluetooth and they are always connected. When I’m watching TV, I can change the source to the TV’s audio output via the included remote.

It’s a multi-use speaker. Use it as you wish if you get one.

It produces a decent amount of bass and the equalizer settings on the remote will adjust with options for music or movies modes which automatically optimize audio output. The sound quality is decent for the price & size and it’s convenient if lack of space for bigger speakers, is also factor.

But, It’s not going to give you crisp highs and deep lows. Soundbars are not really designed for that. They are more an upgrade to the tinny speakers in our HDTVs and help produce “voices” better from the center channel.


Grrat review and nice pics!!! :heart_eyes:


Very nice review and pictures. I agree it will be a whole lot better if you can connect an external sub woofer.


Oh defo get a soundbar. They make such a difference, even my little thing makes sound so much easier to listen to.

regret selling my sound system before I moved :pensive:

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Thanks for the review! Very good pictures too!

Without a subwoofer, I think it may be better suited to bedrooms and secondary TVs.


In the words of LL Cool J


I really wonder out of all the winners we had for free infini soundbar, how many have actually reviewed the item and posted links in the community. I have only seen a couple of reviews. I understand system picks the names randomly but then the system should also track and remind people to review the item as promised. @AnkerOfficial