Soundcore Infini Mini hits

If you glanced at the Soundcore webpage lately, you probably noticed its newest product in a banner: the Soundcore Infini Mini, the first soundbar produced by Soundcore/Anker:

The link leads directly to the product page, where we can see it priced at a very reasonable 80$. Don’t forget the “Mini” in the name, though; it’s a 21" soundbar, and the tagline on the Soundcore webpage reads “for small spaces”. One of the images down at the product info on Amazon even shows it below an iMac.

Still, as we well know by now, sometimes, sizes doesn’t always relates to sound power - to an extent, of course. That said, the cheap soundbar market is an unforgiving one. I’ll quote a recent review made by Gizmodo of another cheap soundbar:

Cheap soundbars are a lot like cheap headphones. Many of them will do the job. Few of them will do it well.

It’s most likely that any soundbar you purchase will sound better than the speakers on your TV - or in your computer. But that’s the easy part.

I never used a soundbar. After looking into several options and comparing them, I purchased a Blu-Ray player with integrated 5.1 drivers, complete with all the speakers. They serve me well as a cheaper option to a proper home theater set - the Blu-Ray player mostly delivers sound these days as it has become rare to go after physical media. Still, for the price I paid, I’m deeply satisfied.

The same can’t be said of some friends who bought soundbars. One of them is very satisfied as well, the others not so much. A quick analysis showed me that the room size and the distance you are from the soundbar makes all the difference. And, no matter how much a soundbar touts a “virtual 5.1 ambient sound”, it’s simply not true.

The Soundcore Infini Mini is still fresh in the market, and I’m curious as how it will be received. The two reviews on as of now get the Infini Mini at 4.5 stars, one Power User having given 4 stars to it mentioning that it struggles in large spaces. The 5 stars review use it on its computer, which is the niche I believe this product will fulfill.

This is a merely informative posting. I have not used the product.

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Given its size, I too would use this with my computer. I have a 28" screen that has audio built in, but it sounds horrible and maybe this can change that.


First off, thank you for sharing this @tiagomota. Secondly, I really love the look of this soundbar. Choosing a soundbar can be rather confusing due to size, features, compatibility, and price. When the hubby and I upgraded our tvs for the Samsung 4Ks, we had to invest in a soundbar because the sound from the tv was pretty crappy. Shopping for a soundbar was confusing to us. Go to a store and ask the employees and each will push something different on you. And since I mainly do the “internet” shopping, I kind of threw my hands in the air, frustrated and just picked up a cheap one. Well, the problem with the 2 I got, is that the connection. I had no idea that there were different connections available. Therefore, the soundbars that I thought were decently priced was due to it’s old technology…using aux cables and not hdmi or whatnot. Anyway, one of them didn’t last too long before we ended up picking up another one at Costco… a Yamaha, which was a great investment. Yay, hdmi. :stuck_out_tongue: The point I’m making is, I can see why some people don’t even bother upgrading anything electronic… having to make sure you get the right “fit” and is compatible can be a task in itself. Another thing we didn’t want is a big subwoofer since we live in an old apartment that at times, walls are paper thin. Our neighbors would love us :stuck_out_tongue: But getting back to the Soundcore Infini Mini, I really love the look of it. I wouldn’t mind having one for my iMac. I wonder why Anker didn’t go with an hdmi connection.


Depending on its quality I would use this with my computer. It doesn’t have a subwoofer I find these soundbars without a subwoofer doesn’t produce enough quality bass for a movie watching experience.


I agree that’s it better to have a sub but for people living in apartment buildings who don’t want to piss off their neighbors with thumping bass this speaker is great.