Soundcore Infini Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar, 35-Inch Bluetooth Speaker for TV, Wireless Speaker with Built-in Subwoofers, Surround Sound, Deep Bass, and Remote Control for Home Theater System DEAL


Wouldn’t the Bluetooth cause a delay from the tv?

You would mainly use Bluetooth to hook up your phone or other external devices not the TV. For the TV you can hook it up via the other cables


I am looking for a soundbar for my vizio TV. This looks like a basic start and not so expensive compared to other branded ones. Any of you have used it and tested? how did you like the sound quality?

I am wondering about the “Expert SetUp” as an option in that purchase. What do you get other than someone going to your home and hooking up some HDMIs/ Optical/ pair Bluetooth to phone… for $78.35. I want in on that action! Oh and BTW that is actually a very good price for a soundbar! I have a Yamaha soundbar that I bought from Costco at double the price seen here.

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I guess a chap will turn up with a drill to wall mount (if wanted) then just connect the optical audio cable and pair via BT…perhaps even a small demo :grin: Seriously though that is a crazy price for something that takes less than 10 minutes to wall mount and connect…

That makes sense. :grin: thanks!

I wish I could like this a hundred times. Once I saw the price I was like WTF? Does he clean my house too?

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I’m glad that at 18 I was a caretaker/maintenance for a hostel. Converting rooms, building walls, installing stuff, basically turning a manse and a hotel into a hostel for lots of people to use.

A lot of trial n error at that age, but I learnt it!

Now at (almost) 50 (July 4th this year! lol) I can do all the jobs, but my disabilities restrict me. Thankfully living in social housing, the landlord takes care of 90% of stuff :grin:phew

My days of climbing under a bathroom cabinet to fix a leak, are well over, but now it’s the landlords job TFFT (thank fuck for that).

Damn what a cracking deal :muscle:t2: