SoundCore Infini by Anker - Soundbar Review (2018)

Disclaimer: This review was written as part of the We Love Testing program here.

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Well guys despite a bit of bad throat I’ve finally managed to finish off my review for the SoundCore Infini. Thanks to @AnkerOfficial for the opportunity to have a mess with this beast of a speaker, just need to get it wall mounted once TV has been moved (again) :slight_smile:

Key Features

  • Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar: Infini is equipped with 2 tweeters, 2 built-in subwoofers & bass ports to deliver a immersive cinema experience.
  • Huge Hit of Bass: Low frequencies are enhanced in real time by exclusive BassUp technology for deeper, intensified bass.
  • Customized Acoustics: Extended 35’’ design is optimized to deliver the same stunning sound whether wall mounted or placed in front of your TV.
  • Input Options: Optical, digital coaxial, or AUX connections. Ability to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Optimized Audio: Use Infini’s remote control to switch between music, movie, and dialogue modes to tailor the sound output to your entertainment.

The Good

  • Powerful with very good bass and overall tone
  • Retains audio level after power off (sounded the same loudness :wink: , see meaning below)
  • Solid build
  • Sleek black metal mesh design that would fit with any environment & keeps cleaning easy
  • Ability to wall mount with included kit, or to be able to use flat without impeding TV view
  • Plethora of connection options for devices - BT, Optical, RCA to 3.5mm & Digital Coax

The Not So Good

  • Price, depending on region, is a tad above other ‘non-premium’ competitors (the likes of Bose, Sonos)
  • Equalizer settings - in Movie mode background sounds overpower present dialogue, Dialogue mode sounds a tad tinny
  • Lack of ability to see your current audio volume level / percentage, only if you have hit minimum or maximum completely


Great review. I have a cheap sanyo with sub woofer and find it works as well as some of the known name brands. But its an older model and only use during movies and sports on TV. Other than that it sits there collecting dust ( I prefer my Soundcore speakers for music in the house).

I thought about getting this one and mounting it in my office and replace the multi-speaker system I have.

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Excellent review @ndalby.

I agree with you, I too would like to be able to see a visual display of the volume. Hopefully the next version will have it.

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Great review video, @ndalby! You sounded fine, but I hope your throat is feeling better!

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Great review… and as far as unable to know the volume, my 400 dollar Polk Audio soundbar has the same problem, but then again I can ask Alexa what the volume level is and she tells me. Maybe we can see an integration of soundbar and Alexa or google in the future, as it would make controls much easier

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Great review !!! :ok_hand:

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I have an Infini Mini and for the most part, I REALLY like it. After having it for some time, my biggest gripe is that the volume control seems to lag. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but it’s like I have to hit the up/down button two times to get the volume to increase by one increment. Have you found the same thing with this product?

I would LOVE to see Anker take advantage of their battery lineup and come out with a version that can be truly wireless, with the option to plug in using the DC cord.

Thanks @Element321 @Nhi @TechnicallyWell @elmo41683 @Daiross

@tylermccarville Can’t say I’ve had any issues with volume control from any of the connections, though I’ve seen or had similar behaviour from BT speakers in the past…it’s almost like the speaker pauses slightly to determine whether it should be itself or the end device which should be controlling the audio :laughing:

A version without constant mains power would be handy for some but it would no doubt impact on weight & playback times due to the speaker hardware…it would probably have to be charged after a 2-3hr film…

Excellent review @ndalby. The level of detail is very helpful.