Soundcore Icon problems

So I purchased an Anker Soumdcore Icon from walmart a while ago used it once on the river (which seemed fitting as it’s marketed as a waterproof/resistant speaker) after that first use it never seems to work correctly but not in the way of water damage. So the issue is when connected to the speaker through bluetooth (on a Samsung S9 Galaxy) it connects well and immediately reports only 10% battery. Although according to the manuel it says it should flash a red light when battery is low but it shows a steady white light along with the blue bluetooth light. So I begin playing music and about a minute or less later it shuts off. Repeat and rinse as many times as i can speaker never fails to power up. I plug the speaker in to charge it and it shows the red charging light… for awhile but eventually the light will go away and the system appears to be off.

Tl,dr - Speaker reports 10% battery through bluetooth, speaker has white power light when on (not flashing red low battery light), wont charge, plays music for awhile but after about a minute it turns off.

I would try and use a different cable and wall plug to charge this, let it charge overnight and report back if it’s still saying low battery. That would be why it shuts off when you go to turn it on


Seconding @Tank does sound like a charging issue due to either a cable or wall adapter from what you have described.

If you are still having issues after an overnight charge using a different cable / wall adapter you can reach out to for assistance under your 18 month warranty. They are just starting a holiday period so responses maybe slower than expected.


Hey yall so I have tried a few different cables and wall adapter combinations even though I did not state so. Same results as stated. I’m not sure I have the original cable any more or if I could even tell the difference between it and another cable.

Sounds like possibly a defective battery / unit. I would suggest dropping a email with the issue and troubleshooting steps you have taken for further assistance and/or replacement under your warranty if they deem it to be a faulty speaker.

They are currently on a national holiday from 1st to 7th Oct, so response times will be longer than usual.