Soundcore Icon Mini!

Awesome little speaker Soundcore Icon Mini that I had the great opportunity to test out. I love it’s shape, as it easily fits in my pocket, as well as straps on to my backpack nicely. it has great sound quality to it, despite its small size. i’ve loved using it, and use it quite frequently. the battery life is awesome, and it also lasts pretty long depending on how loud it is. all around great speaker, and I would definitely recommend

Would you mind adding some pictures for us?

Other than that the review looks pretty good :+1::grin:

i agree would love a pic or two or three or however many you want to add

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As others have mentioned, a pic or two would be nice.

Indeed some photos would be great, showing us the size of that speaker.

pictures! Also how long does the battery actually last?


Nice mini review! Pictures please… :grin:

Nice mini review

Some pics would be nice, they can be mini, like the review :joy:

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Thank you for sharing us your good product experience! We are so happy to hear it!

Thanks for sharing. A few pictures of unboxing, usage etc really enhances the review reading experience.