Soundcore Icon Mini review - perfect for DIY and showers :)

This isn’t a review… you seem to have a photo that hasn’t uploaded though…

Am I missing something here… The link open to Amazon page for Soundcore Icon Mini and nothing more

@kitfriendesq did you miss to attach your review link and / or photos

Check out this review

@kitfriendesq Can you recheck your photo upload and post the body of your review directly here as your link just goes to the product on Amazon UK and not your review.


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Yep, same issue here

Looks like this person isn’t gonna look at this for a while. The account hasn’t been logged in since yesterday. Probably just posted this and left

let us give him sometime to fix the thread, and attach his review post

The joys of mobile browsers… here’s my review

Anyone know how I can edit the original post + make sure I get notifications of any replies? I didn’t see any of these replies!

Think using the forum in Chrome for iOS is route cause of errors…