SoundCore Icon Mini Review : AWESOME

Much more than expected! This little speaker can really throw sound. I was very impressed. I live in South Florida and was really looking for a good versatile speaker to bring to the beach and this checks all the boxes. Sound quality is great. Volume is unsurpassed for its size and you cannot beat the price for what you get. Possibly the best portable speaker I’ve purchased. Then to top it all off. It’s waterproof. Definitely recommended as a purchase.

UPDATE: I have used the speaker consistently for over a week now including a trip to the pool. Still pumping out great sound and is confirmed waterproof (after falling into the hot tub today). My main takeaway from this is that I was lucky enough to get a powerful speaker that comes in a small package with exceptional battery, sound quality and durability! I’m probably going to buy more.

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I should correct you. This isn’t the “soundcore mini”. It’s name is the “soundcore icon mini” :wink:

That is great @Ralph_Rienzo ! Sounds like it is perfect for any outdoor activity! Looks rugged too! Its great that its a tiny speaker with great sound, I want to get a couple for gifts for my nephews! Think they would really enjoy these!

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I think it would hold up to the test. Definitely can be put through the ringer and the pairing is so simple.

I might have to give this speaker a try at some point!

Thanks for your review. Please try to include some pictures next time :+1: