SoundCore Icon Mini Review after 1 week of use


Sorry for the Late Review but i was abroad and i have just been back finding that the SoundCore mini is waiting :sweat_smile:

At first i thought it is something else because of the plastic box but i like it really great quality it didn’t bother me at all.

Size is really Perfect it is really portable its perfect for putting in my everyday hand bag or even pocket, i even mounted it to my Diving Backpack i didn’t feel any extra weight

Sound Comparing to size and price is really good u cannot compare it to JBL flip 4 or so of course but it has nice amount of bass i tried indoor and outdoor, For indoor usage i think 50% of the sound level is more than enough, While outdoor i didn’t need 100% that much its good at about 80% or so.

IPX7 Rating actually its really important for me to have a water proof Speaker cause i deal with water alot i tried submerging it for 2 mins underwater not deep one but it is fully submerged i can still hear music if the sound is above 60-70% But i really wanted it to float that would have been really perfect.

Bluetooth Range Is good enough not but its good.

Mic and Phone calls here comes the problem phone call through the speaker is a real great feature but the mic is not really good actually it needs a maximum of 30cm away for the other side to hear your voice through the microphone.

I didn’t really find any cons with it but the mic.

•Sound is really good
•Value to the money

•Sinks in Water


Nice review. I’m really mad about the plastic box :rage:. @AnkerOfficial you should really consider changing this

Btw the pictures are top notch!


Nice review and photos!


Really the same thoughts I have Andrew.
What a waste, what a pollution! :rage:

The review is fine!


Good review. Nice to see you did extended testing.

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yes I was not impressed with plastic box either. Paper boxes are so much better.


Nice review!

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Great review @Mohamed_Wael1

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Nice review @Mohamed_Wael1 thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

@Anjou1888 The plastic box is marked as recyclable…

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Forget the recycable label Neil.
Do you REALLY know if it can be recycled or better it will ever been given to recycling?
May be you will find that wrapping when swimming in the sea! :rage:

True but the same could also be said for any packaging variations due to the finish/inks etc applied to cardboard…or whether they will end up in landfill because people don’t think of putting it in or having a recycle bin…

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Awesome review.Thanks for sharing it with us!

Lately, I’ve been testing some phone cases where the boxes were printed using eco-friendly soy ink perhaps that could be something that @AnkerOfficial could try in the future?


There are many things which can be done better.

You all know here in Europe pupils are demonstrating against pollution and
for better climate protection every Friday.
These young pople are also customers which would really like to find package more eco-friendly.

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Nice pictures and review!

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thanks for the review!

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@ndalby I dislike the plastic box for two reasons.

  1. It makes the product seem (and be) cheaper
  2. It isn’t biodegradable. Recycling doesn’t resally mean anything, because as @Chiquinho said, you can’t know that it’s actually being recycled.

When it comes to cardboard boxes, i know that in a few years it will degrade into dirt, so there is nothing to worry about.


That is accurate depending on the type and production of the cardboard box…coffee cups are made from paper but due to the inner treatment to resist liquid they would not bio-degrade at the same rate (30 years+ at a minimum) as a plain cardboard box (of which not many Anker products have plain cardboard)…which then a lot of people would start commenting the packaging looks cheap…

There is no easy and quick fix to the plastics issue in the world…a good chunk of responsibility does lay with the manufacturer (and using alternates depending on the market sector they are in) but a bigger part does reside with the end user…

plastic recycling is expensive and not easy vs paper recycling

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@ndalby this is true as well.

I also beleive that since a lot of the consumers want cardboard over plastic, it would be in there best interest to switch back to cardboard.

Again back to my other point. Plastic makes there products a lot cheaper in appearance. I don’t see any benifits (other than a few cents in manufacturing) in using plastic.

I think if they continue down this road, they will start “cutting corners” in other ways as well, which I really don’t want to see.

I really hope anker stops this nonsense soon.

Yes…but again depending on the source material in question…coated cardboard such as coffee cups or even the box of the SoundCore Zero for example, would not be as cheap or straight forward to recycle as say, standard brown cardboard…

That’s more a personal preference though isn’t it…others could see it in reverse, its all a matter of personal preference…

Personally I buy a product for the product itself, not its packaging (plastic / paper / wrapped in string)…as long as its recyclable and from a sustained source I can still sleep at night…

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