SoundCore Icon - Live On Amazon US - $59.99

SoundCore Icon - Now Available at $59.99

  • Hang Up, Hang Out: Strap to any tree, bike, bag, or rail and play the soundtrack to your outdoor adventure. Get creative by sharing, swapping, and linking different straps and speakers.
  • Audio Fireworks: An oversized elliptical driver works with BassUp technology to produce mind-blowing audio power—it’s time to fill the streets with your favorite beats.
  • Fun-Proof: Wanna get wild? Icon does too. With IP67 protection, it breezes through water, sand, dust, snow, and mud. It even floats.
  • Don’t Stop the Beat: When the day ends, the music keeps going. Get 12 hours of iconic sound from a single charge.
  • Go Stereo: Double the sound and color by pairing two Icons to play simultaneously.

Are you disappointed that the orange colour has not surfaced yet or glad they chose to go with black first? Let us know below…


Black is black. Black is great


For the Netherlands!
Oranje! :joy:


Can’t decide if I want one yet. Looks pretty neat.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

My taste in colors is more subdued. Now this speaker color I am interested in!

I haven’t update my portable speaker in years. Still using a JBL Flip first gen. Still sounds great and not to much outdoor use. But something i have never liked about this speaker is the battery life. Now this look great. Loving that design.

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Black is classy but Orange looks dynamic in Summer!


I’m personally excited for the orange color!

YES! Now that is some innovation. A speaker that also is a virtual reality headset!!!

Saw the pic on Amazon and I was like “What?”

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I think she’s using the speaker to shield her eyes from the sun… and everything else, apparently.

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Very interesting design. Options for other colors would have been nice though.

orange will look great in the summer :smile: …might get one but i already have the flare

Where did you guys see the orange??

This looks good next product for Soundcore, Anker should really start releasing Icon in multiple colors - Black, Orange with more colors such as Red or Purple as well!

How about black with Orange touch?

If it’s not too expensive I’ll get one for sure :sunglasses:

Didn’t know about this Soundcore model. Will definitely take a look when I update my speaker for summer.

I think going with black first was a good choice. It’s safe yet stylish.

This is a good speaker for outdoor use!:sunglasses: