#Soundcore Gaming Headphones?!

Searching for something completely different I found these on Amazon…SoundCore Strike 3 Gaming Headset. I guess I glossed over them on Soundcore’s homepage. Anyway, has anyone tried them, or the Strike 1 and/or what do you guys think…are Soundcore Over-ear already good enough for gaming(I use my Vortex all the time love it) or are these somehow “better”? Thanks for your comments

You should post this on soundcore’s forum.
There are the gamers!


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get them, you wont be disappointed. O use them for gaming as they are much better than the life2 I have for gaming. The strike 3 has virtual 7.1 surround when paired with the program on your computer which is great for first person shooter games, but with the PS4 its just stereo sound but thats not a bad thing as some people prefer it over virtual surround

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As @Chiquinho mentioned above community.soundcore.com is the best place for Soundcore Strike 3.

I have it, pretty comfortable with the Gel-Infused Cushions, good for gaming and removable microphone. I dont play games, so had been using it for long conference calls.

It comes with a complimenting Virtual Surround App for the 7.1 audio, this needs to be installed to realize the 7.1. Best headset from Anker / Soundcore for audio quality on USB-wired!

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And sexy as hell blue lights!
Or is that just an effect in the photo?

It has the blue radiating lights, these are some of my close-up shots of Strike 3


honestly I would feel like a stranger there. This forum and its users are more than insightful enough for me! Which is why I post non-anker related tech questions to some of our members directly. Everyone has their field…but I do appreciate the suggestion

Alrighty, you seem to be the right person to talk to then! So my Vortex, when wired, are pretty good, but that’s compared to…not much. So, that 7.1 surround sound actually works, the game I play mainly on PC (warframe) would really benefit from a good 7.1 system. Did you have an issue installing the software? I’ll be gaming on PC, they should be fine right? I’m probably going to, as long as I can get this $10 discount.

Nice game, I love it!

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Thanks! I forgot to put this in my reply to @Tank, is there a wire coming from each headphone? If so, is one the USB-A input(into pc) and the other the volume/mute switch? Last question, what is the length of the cable?

If u play find me SlybanditZ


I’ll try to get back into it, I was into it at the beginning of last year, spent a bunch of hours playing it


Cables from each headset side merge into the central single cable.

Like this here


Yes, cable has a USB-A input to the PC.

Volume / Mute / 7.1 Surround button is on a puck in the middle of the cable to the PC.

here is a pic for volume control / mute / 7.1 control and USB-A input

Length is about 5 ft… would have liked it to be at least 10 ft though.

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If you do, look me up, I’ll give you whatever extra goodies I have!


These are beautiful :heartpulse:

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You are very kind sir :+1:

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Cool, I’m a sucker for a blue LED!


Yea, I am sold one them and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is the reason I posted this here and not on soundcore’s forum, which IMO should just be part of this one…but that’s another day. I’m still a cheap ass though and I am going to wait a few days until I can get this reward. Which if anyone is interested there is a cool app I found called Fetch Rewards, you just scan receipts and get points and can put them towards a bunch of different stuff, so I’m picking $10 amazon coupon again! lol Anyways…Thanks for the feedback everyone!!

Keep an eye on Deals section… There was a deal on Strike 3 few days back and might come back

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Good idea! I’ll turn off Focus Assistant and let those annoying notifications come through to save some money!