Soundcore flate S+ weirdness

My soundcore flare s+ only turned off half way the other day. What i mean by that is as it was turning on, i got half of the whoosh startup sound and it stopped. All buttons became non responsive. Bluetooth did not connect. It was stuck in a half on state. I tried holding power button in for over a minute, nothing. plugging in charging cable while locked up, nothing. Power button and charging cable, nothing. I basically had to leave it on for a day and a half until it went dead.

It works now that its charged up again but was curious if anyone else has had this issue or if there is a button pressing procedure to reboot it if it happens again? And please don’t respond to contact support, i already know that, im asking a question of others.

Sometimes miracles happen. :grin:

All technical stuff we are using is just more or less:
“Plug and Pray”.

Sometimes my FLARE when charging the red charging indication doesn’t turn off though the speaker is loaded…

What to do?
Pull the cable, plug the cable… After a while its fine.
Miracle! :grin:

Just curious (if it is winter where you are) if there was any static electricity discharge when you touched the speaker? Sometimes, a little static electric shock to a gadget can throw it in a tizzy until it discharges.

dont think so, was standing on tile barefoot

If this ever happens try resetting the speaker itself, note it does clear all Bluetooth connections. But hold down the volume up and down button for 3 to 5 seconds and it should reset and clear all connections.

I know it doesn’t help you now but hopefully if it does this procedure will help.

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hopefully it doesnt do it again but if so, i will try this, thanks