Soundcore Flare+ Up for Preorder

Got a notification from Amazon that the speaker is in stock for $100 for a preorder, available September 1! Thought I’d let you all know, some people seem to have been waiting for it to be released.


Yes, Soundcore Flare+ is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $99.99, and should begin shipping on September 2. However, the Amazon listing has not been fully updated with pictures promoting the speaker’s key features.

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Can’t wait. Its on my wishlist.

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Nice been waiting for the Flare+. Kudos to anchor for making the deadline :joy:

Finally, yes!

But it’s no longer available…

Guess I wasn’t the only one who was waiting. Can’t wait for reviews to start rolling in, it has some pretty impressive specs.

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Click on the link but didn’t do anything says un available

I’m sure they will have another batch within the week this is a very highly anticipated speaker.

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I couldnt pre order because i was stuck fixing my wife’s car, last week it was her exhaust and this week her damn starter and crankshaft position sensor went bad. Luckily we got it all together so now I wait for the next wave…hopefully I have money by then

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