Soundcore Flare Stereo Pairing

I’m really excited for the new Souncore Flare speaker! reviews are great and princing is even better (though I’m waiting for a deal).

My question is regarding pairing two Flares together for stereo sound:

Is it possible to connect one Flare to the TV through AUX and pair it with the other Flare to reproduce stereo sound?


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Good question perhaps @elmo41683 can chime in as I believe he has two already. Based on normal aux usage on other Anker speakers I would think that once aux is being used the BT features would be overridden (including true stereo)…

You might need something like this to accomplish true wireless stereo and aux at the same time but hopefully another member can confirm…

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Thanks @ndalby, @murrayacs when I get to work in a few hours I will test this and let you know if dual pairing will work once auxiliary is connected


Ok, gonna have to do this when I get home. Didn’t realize they had died and I don’t have the charging cord with me. But I promise once I get home I will test and report back. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused

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If stereo pairing is not possible while connected to the AUX plug on the speaker, you may need to use custom cables coming out from the TV to each speaker. The tip/ring/sleeve of the standard headphone jack supports two audio channels and you’d need to create one somehow to be sure the left audio channel goes to one speaker while the right goes to another speaker.

The tip/ring/sleeve (use the middle image below) refers to the three separate conductors on the headphone/AUX connector that plugs into the speaker, “tip” (or left channel positive) being the end conductor, “ring” (or right channel positive) being the second from the tip and “sleeve” (or negative/ground) being the longest conductor.

Like I said above, this would likely require one to build custom cables since I could find nothing remotely capable of doing this like at Amazon or Monoprice(.com). Building cables like this is very doable (I’ve done many, many custom cable builds similar to this) but you’d need access to the parts (cables, connectors) and have the ability to solder and follow simple wiring logic.

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I just conducted a test and yes it is possible. Though it will only work if you connect to the primary Flare via AUX cord. So if you try and are unsuccessful the first time switch the speakers and it will work. Also I believe you have to connect both speakers together via the soundcore app over Bluetooth on your device. Although I also believe that there is a manual way to pair the speakers but I do not have immediate access to the manual.


That’s excellent news and makes things a lot simpler. Thanks for the info.:thumbsup:

I was going to let @elmo41683 answer this one. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes but it’s been a solid day everyone gets busy and I thought @murrayacs deserved a quick answer. Happy to help. They would make cool TV speakers.

Excellent! Thank you for the info!!


Thanks Jesse for answering, my speakers are currently charging so I was gonna test o ve they fully charged. But thanks for doing it for everyone to know its possible

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Not sure how to create a new post so…I have two Soundcore Motion Q. One pairs with the TV. The other only stays on Steady white light. I can’t even power it down. Is there a way to force reset the device? Like holding down button combo kind of reset?

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I’m not sure if there’s a way to reset the motion q. The steady white light means it is connected to the other speaker. Try holding the power button for a full two seconds or letting the battery fully drain then recharge. if that does not reset the speaker I would email with a description of your problem serial number and order number.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical please help.

Thanks for the advice, it appears that I got a faulty unit. I let it charge over night and now it will not turn on. It’s pretty dead so I hope Anker can assist.


Hello I’m new here as I just bought a soundcore flare to go with my old one and I had exactly the same question as the OP.

@TheDude. I see you said it could be done, and I sort of did it, but it only seems to work on boost mode, not in stereo (when I click between them, with stereo, it just reverts to playing out of one speaker - even though connected on the app).

That’s a shame because the stereo sounds absolutely amazing and will probably return if I can’t the stereo sound as it’s my main use of the speaker.

Are you sure you got it to work in stereo and has anybody?

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