Soundcore flare speakers connect only one at a time

Bought a pair of soundcore flare speakers last summer, no issues, could connect etc…
Now if I want to connect the two speakers ( A and B) I have to connect them in tandem nit just solo A or just B.

I can just just connect B speaker, but I can connect just A speaker. If I do Just B speaker I find it on bluetooth on my phone but it says cant connect

Did not have this issue before…
any thoughhts? firmware is updated
I tried a hard reset by holding V+ and Bluetooth for 8 seconds per support but it woiuld not turn off as support said it would.

Have you tried removing all pairing records from your phone that relate to Soundcore Flare before trying to connect/pair speaker B? Possibly getting confused with the hardware for speaker A.

I did a reset using Bass and the play/ pause
I t reset by turning off
and i removed the speakers from the app

Updated firmware as well ( didnt ned to be)

Still have the isssue , so odd
I’d like to be able to use each speaker by itself vs in pairs.
if you want video I can link it to the issue

I renamed the speakers as soundcore 2 as I was having 2 bluetoohs as soundcore.
I now have sound core and soundcore 2 . I can only connect to soundcore.
I cant seem ( not sure if I can) rename the other speaker. In the app it shows one speaker as Soundcore 2 and the other as soundcore but when i go to rename soundcore, it shows it as soundcore 2 in the editable field

Ah the app is also in play, have you tried clearing/forgetting the speakers from your phones BT menu before doing a fresh pairing (app re-install wouldn’t harm either)?