Soundcore Flare (single) Review

This speaker can be used with or without the App. However, the App will give you options like sound modes (e.g., Chill and Vocal), firmware updates and pairing a second Flare for dual stereo.

Size: It quite portable @ 6" in height and flipping it upside down makes it fit perfectly into my car’s cup holder :smiley:

Looks: The fabric sheath adds a bit of class and protects the speaker from finger prints. The controls and ports are on opposite sides of the speaker. The LED light adds flair to the speaker, it reacts to music and it can be customized (color schemes) by using the App. The foot is made out of an anti-slip material.

Sound: Very loud and clear with good bass. Activate the bass up mode for a bit of boost to the bass. It has 2 6W drivers and 2 passive radiators. Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP profile, and SBC decoding. At max volume, it still sounds pretty good.

Bluetooth: 4.2, which limits its range to about 66ft.

Pairing: Look for Soundcore Flare Bluetooth ID. Pairing was easy and quick. If you have 2 Flares, you can use the App to set up stereo mode. Supposedly without any delays between them. I don’t have two, but I do have a different Soundcore Bluetooth speaker. Using Android’s ability to pair multiple Bluetooth devices, I was able to get music to play from the two speakers, but one has a slight delay (1s?). I’m seriously considering jumping on a 2nd one as soons as I see a good discount on it :smiley:

Notable features:

Flare will automatically turn off if it is not connected to a device within 30 minutes.
About 12 hrs of playtime @ 60% volume

Nitpicks: Micro USB port for charging. USB Type-C would have been great, provided that Anker includes a USB Type-C cable :D.

Tip: If you have trouble pairing the Flare with your device again, try deleting the Flare Bluetooth profile from your device and try pairing again.

PS: I didn’t have any issue removing the aux/usb port cover and no, I do not have long fingernails :smiley:


Great review! Hoping to have mine uploaded and posted sometime later today or tomorrow.

I agree that USB-C would have been better, but not sure what you mean by Anker includes a USB-C cable (?)

I also didn’t really struggle opening the flap :slight_smile:

Not everyone has a USB Type-C cable, so it would be nice if Anker were to include one for USB Type-C devices.

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Great review, thanks for sharing.

Notice your flap is designed differently from mine, hence why mine was a pain to open


Good job with the review. :slight_smile:

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Aha! That’s why! They resolved the issue in a later production


See, they do listen to feedback :laughing:


Great review! I love that you mentioned single right on the title :grin: I grew so used to using the Flare in stereo pairing, I forgot it’s a great mono speaker as well!



Good job, @AnkerOfficial! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for sharing your review!

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Nice review, would’ve loved to see the LED lights in a pic or two. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you. I’ll see what I can do.

May be I will take some photos tomorrow for you.
But now an old man has to go to bed and read some interesting books.

great review! good job!!!

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Thank you for your review. I just received one of these today and went outside and paired it with an Amazon Dot that I have outside. Unfortunately, I am not receiving anywhere near the bluetooth range that you are experiencing. It loses connectivity and I have to re-establish the connection every couple of minutes. I’ve tried it from 30 feet way, 10 feet and 5 feet. Is there any way to improve the stability of the connection? Does the Amazon Dot not put out a strong enough signal? Does the fact that it’s 98 degrees under the shade have anything to do with the reception?

Great review!!! Been waiting for someone to do one! I agree USB c would have been nice. But still looks like an amazing product

Nice! Thanks love it!

LOL. I just noticed that most of the video doesn’t have sound :confused:

I have a pair and they work fantastic in stereo. Once you pair them the first time they’ll automatically connect to each other when you turn them on, and the buttons on one will control the other. So if you change the lights or turn on Bass up on one, it will do so on the second unit as well. Even the power button syncs, you you can quickly turn them both off.

My only issue is it is hard to tell which one is which channel, though I don’t know how they would solve that (maybe have a firmware update make a button combo flash the leds?).

Stereo mode supports Aux input, Anker support told me otherwise but it turns out it works. Also the auto-shutdown does not occur if they are plugged into a charger, so if you wanted to you could set these up as computer speakers or something. Maybe hook them up to a Chromecast Audio.

My second unit originally had the fabric a bit messed up, but Anker quickly replaced it for me.