Soundcore Flare Shows itself Soundcore flare +

Hi i was trying to connect my soundcore flare to pc but i installed wrong firmware now my speaker is acting like a souncore flare +. It shows itself on bluetooth connect souncore flare + but it is not.I cant run anker software to install new firmware cause my speaker’s buttons are not same just volume up button works other them configured to soundcore +.

Is there a possibility to install a firmware via app?
I suppose you made that firmware “update” using MS.

Wouldn’t have thought it was possible to apply firmware to a non-supported model. @Utkudilmac I would suggest you log a ticket with to resolve.


Me too!
But nothing is impossible in the world of weird informatics!:rofl:

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I installed firmware from pc anker app

I dont know
first i downloaded normal version of soundcore flare installed it but my pc didnt see it as a speaker so i thought that mine is + and installed plus firmware but then my speaker opening sound is not long opening thing its just broken short noice feels like speaker blowing when i trying to connect via phone it shows it as a + model before firmware installment it shows normal flare .And i wrote mail but they said something like guarantee and repair no real sollution

By the way i tried to install normal version but app tells me the connect device with volume down button and opening button together to connect pc but my volume down button doesnt work just volume up button works when i try on phone.And when i push extra bass button it opens and closes rgb light button’s light.
It is like buttons scrambled and volume down button doesnt exits.

Probably try to do different button combinations. If it shuffled the buttons, I would think both buttons may be scrambled potentially.

I would look at the buttons that can be pushed and then do a chart with all different button combinations (unless you find the buttons) to try to find the right combination.

Say 5 buttons a,b,c,d,e
then press

ac bc
ad bd cd
ae be ce de

It may take a few min but you can know if any of those button combinations will work. Although the down button may not work would be due to it is wired to another button function. Can always include any of the side buttons like BT or bass up if it has that.


Thanks for respose, Looking for same issue and its work for me, Really appreciate for help.

which button did you use?
edit: I found it was light and volume down button if i did remember right

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