Soundcore Flare reviews are starting to come in

With the availability and launch of the Soundcore flare a number of sites are offering their take and review on this speaker, check them out below and let us know what your take is and how you feel about the reviews given so far
I myself am working in my own review which will be posted come the end of the week.
Business Insider

Speaker Fanatic


Love to see articles like these. I must admit that of all the Anker speakers, this is the one that actually makes me want one. I love the shape of it, the light show is an added bonus. It’ll be on my wishlist.

I like the Business Insider review as it seems to indicate that the Flare will have great bass! However, the second link just seems to reiterate the press release.

Yea I realized that afterwards, they originally had a review up. But it’s since changed, not sure why or what made them change it. Also, I very well could have linked to the wrong one, in which point my bad.

@Nhi the shape and design is also my favorite. The cloth covering is a nice added touch as well

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No worries, @elmo41683, I know your review will be better!

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I can’t wait for it to be available in Canada! :smile:

I can see a couple of those paired with a Nebula making a nice on the go cinema session.

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I will apply for a batch of products for community testing event.:sunglasses:


I’m also working on my review of the flare. I have been quite impressed since receiving this one!


Put me down for one :grin:

Good find on the reviews @elmo41683 , the Business Insider one does give a good read :slight_smile:

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