Soundcore flare review on my website

I just made a new website. I am going to be posting different reviews there. I currently have a review for the soundcore flare. You Can Read That Review Here

Shout out to @TheCharneco for helping me out and giving me advice for my logo!


This is a great idea, review on personal site and link to Anker Forum. Have couple of web addresses sitting quite for a while. nice review!

Thanks @Anjou1888

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Good review of the Flare @Anjou1888 . The website is coming along nicely, let us know when you have more reviews posted on there!

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You should see some more reviews in the next few weeks :grin:. The more I get chosen for testing events and beta tests the more you’ll see :grin:

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I subscribed to your web page! Looking forward to more reviews in the future.

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Is @TheCharneco design the logo for you?:smile:

Nice review! Thanks por sharing!

No. He just gave me advice for it.

Nice review, thanks!