Soundcore Flare+ regularly bounces BT connection

Over the last week or, my Anker Soundcore Flare+ has regularly disconnected from my phone then reconnected. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ running the latest (August) patches.

Things I have done to attempt to resolve the issue:

  • Unpaired and repaired
  • Turned everything off and on again + re-pairing
  • Cleared the BT cache + on/off + re-pairing
  • Searched the forums for additional help

There are threads that discuss this (eg this one). However, none of them have any resolution and seem to just end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to return the device under warranty (it was purchased in March), I don’t have a problem doing that. I just want it to work again.

I reached out to Support as well. They also offered these possible fixes:

  • Factory reset the speaker by holding Volume+ and BT buttons (device will power off automatically on success)
  • Update firmware via the Soundcore app (Windows users can go here).

Unfortunately, neither of these in combination with any of the others fixed my issue so I had to return under warranty. However, the CSRs were hella rad and the process was really simple. I wanted to document everything prior to that in case it helps someone else with bluetooth regularly disconnecting!