Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth 360° Speaker

I’ve got a couple of bluetooth speakers ( a couple from Anker and one from another company ), but none of them look or sound like this one.

I have one which looks like it should be surround sound, but clearly the internal speaker is mostly projecting sound in one direction … and my other “brick like” one … only goes in one direction too.

This speaker definitely projects the sound all the way round … I’ve placed it in the middle of a room and tested it ( via ears only ! ) to see if this is the case.

The bass is very rich ( and you can press the boost button if required ) …easily the nicest sounding speaker I have.

The outside has a cloth covering which looks really good and much neater than my plastic/rubber/metal speakers, and the lights which flash in time with the music are fun ( you can turn these off if you want to the avoid the disco look ! )

The claim to be water proof and able to survive falling into a pool … I don’t have a pool and don’t really want to risk putting them in the bath !!

All in all … a really nice speaker …


@AlanS nice short review !
Have you some pictures for us ? :sunglasses:
Maybe you can Update the title with “Review”


Nice short review. It would be great if you can include pictures for the next time

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nice review!

You can safely throw it into the water, no problem!:grin:

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