Soundcore Flare Plus issue - water

Hello everyone. I recently got a flare plus and I know it’s waterproof.

I was having a party and someone knocked it into the pool and it stopped working. The Bluetooth light stayed on and the bottom light flickered until the speaker died

The poets work bc it charged my iPhone still but I can’t get it to connect via Bluetooth

Any suggestions??

Soundcore Flare+ can be immersed in water for 1m uptown 30 minutes. Also was the flap covering the charging port and aux inputs closed properly?

Were these the conditions when it fell into water?

Also does the AUX port work to play music?

Please contact and also have purchase proof available.

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Honestly I’m not sure only because it happened when I was at a different part of the yard and didn’t see anything. I was told it was knocked in the pool and it stopped working

The flap was on too. But who knows. I’m letting it dry off and I emailed customer service.

I’m just hoping it’ll magically work again or I’ll jsut ask amazon for an exchange. I still have the box and order info from amazon.

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Does the sound work via the AUX port?

let us know what your hear from support, best of luck.

Put it inside a container of dry rice and leave it in there for a few days, maybe perform a reset

But do not boil the rice with the speaker.

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