Soundcore flare plus does not charge or power on

What a shame!! My soundcore flare + will neither charge nor power on. I have tried all kinds of suggestions including updating the firmware but all to no avail. I planned top upgrade to Soundcore Rave but not any longer. I lost all confidence in anker bluetooth speakers. I loved the sound quality though. Real shame:cry:

Did you

  • try different cable
  • try different charger?

How are you charging? Where are you charging?

Are you connecting your cord to the flare and then to the pc or a charger? Is the charger strong enough to charge? As stated, you should try different. Cords to eliminate that as an issue

If you are not willing to answer the questions from the members above,
you might get neither an answer nor help.:neutral_face:

Also try a different outlet just in case

I tried 3 different chargers and cables. They all charged my JBL and Tronsmart speakers but didn’t charge my Soundcore Flare +. Even the charger that came with the Flare+ is useful for charging other speakers

I tried 4 functional outlets at home and 2 in my office …still no result

I charge directly from the power outlet. Never used my laptop.

You don’t just buy Anker / Soundcore for good design, value for money, but also for customer support.

I only buy from their own website or Amazon as both do good free return, because sometimes products do fail and so you fall onto warranty and customer service.

It is wrong to reject a brand because one failed unit.

Proof of purchase, serial number, photos / video evidence of fault, description of what you’ve attempted to fix and email support

If you bought from place which doesn’t do free return, usually via email you can get some goodwill help, like credit note or discount off code off new. Best discussed via email as support read their email, support doesn’t read here.

Hello Pal
My apologies for the delay. Been away on a trip. I contacted the local Anker distributor. They show me how to up the firmware. We tried it more than a couple of times but its still didn’t charge. I bought new chargers just to be sure it was not charger related. The new chargers charge other devices but they don’t charge the Flare +.
The local distributors promised to assist but they did.
Any other suggestions please?

No more ideas, really.

Hate to hear that, contact support if it’s still under warranty :+1:
Good luck

If the battery is flat, is it possible the charging port of the speaker is soiled?

Would it be possible to look into the port to check?

Another question would be if you hasn’t used the speaker for an extended time? Lithium ion batteries can over discharge if left alone without charging or using. I learned this the hard way with some expensive earbuds…

Best of luck.