Soundcore Flare + nice sound but App will not work

Just got a Soundcore Flare+ from Amazon. Problem is with the App. It just will not connect to the speaker so I can’t see what delights are in the app.

The Bluetooth connects ok to my iPhone 8 and I can play music via iTunes. This sounds good for its size.

Tried restarting everything numerous times and also while standing on one leg and whistling God Save the Queen - but no joy.

Is there a magic code or even a solution?

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Hmm. When you use the app you have to make sure the speaker is connected before you open the app.

Yes, the speaker is connected. It will play music from my iphone but when I open the app it starts searching then says error occurred. Its says try switching on and off. Tried that many times and it doesnt work. Something is broken.

Contact support. You might be able to open a chat window with support through the app. That might not work if your app isn’t fully working. If you can’t get that to work contact support via Its the weekend and its Chinese New Year so it may take a little while for the limited staff to return email.

When you do contact, make sure to give them all the troubleshooting steps you have tried. serial number, and purchase order number/ with date of purchase. This information is something they require for most cases and it will speed up your support request.

Support got back quickly by email and problem solved.
Thanks for comments

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Can you share the solution? Same issue here…