Soundcore Flare Mini - Adorable & Powerful

Size comparison of the Flare Mini next to the Flare+.

I recently got the Soundcore Flare Mini and LOVE IT! It’s significantly smaller than the Flare+, but still packs that familiar punch we’re use to with these speakers. The sound is loud, crisp, and even in a rainstorm, carries well to fill the space. I brought it to my brother-in-law’s house yesterday to test it out in a woodsy setting. Well, it started to rain right as I was getting ready to take the pictures. I ended up just leaving it playing out in the rain to test it out and see how it handled that scenario. I was very impressed and pleased with the results. The family could hear the music perfectly from about 10-15 feet away and it held the connection with my phone that was inside the house well even during our brief downpour.

What does it do?
The Flare Mini connects via bluetooth to your device to deliver all high-quality audio from it’s powerful little body.
It offers the Bass-Up technology all the time. There’s no turning this setting off. It sounds great as is, so I wouldn’t turn it off anyway.
It has IPX7 waterproofing as well as 360º sound.
Can be paired with another Flare Mini for stereo sound.
Control the light-show with the touch of a button from the top of the speaker.

What does it not do?
There is no compatibility with the Soundcore app.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there’s any internal microphone, so no phone calls can be made with this.
Cannot customize the equalizer or turn off the Bass-Up.

Overall, SOLID LITTLE DEVICE! I’ve only charged it once when I first got it a week ago and have use it a lot. The lights aren’t that bright, but it does help locate it at night. It sounds really and fills most rooms with quality sound. I’m more impressed with it than I originally thought I’d be too. It’s light, portable, and easy to cary around/pack in a bag.

The price difference isn’t that much between the Mini and the Flare, so I’m not sure I’d choose the Mini over the OG since you will get slightly better audio and app access, which is great for the light show, custom EQ, and activating the Bass-Up tech.

All you Flare owners, which do you have and what do you like about yours?


Great review @TheCharneco! I have the flare and I love it! I don’t think I would ever buy the flare mini- because I don’t see a reason too. I might as well spend the extra $10 and get the flare :man_shrugging:

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Great review and pictures, @TheCharneco!

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Nice review, and you got all :100: on what it does / does not section :slight_smile:

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I like the photos you made.
Professional, really.
Of course your review is of same quality., indeed.
Old professionals.
Would like to see such here much more often.

I can not talk about the “baby-Flare”, as I don’t own such one.
The Flare is in good company with the speakers here at home.
Would not like to miss it.


Great review and thanks for the comparison pic. The Mini definitely looks much smaller. I am somewhat disappointed to hear that there is no app access for the Mini though. Bummer sauce!

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The “app”.
I never used it, as it will not work with LINUX:
But I am still happy.
The equalizer offered there is not the “state of the art”. :no_mouth:

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I have 2 flares and they are some of my favorite speakers. My favorite things would be the battery life and the sound, the battery can surely last a whole day, the sound is what got me the most though. Being a long time Anker user I already knew it would sound good but the bass it reproduced was amazing, it still suprises me to this day.


Regarding battery life the MOTION+ is extraordinary.

But mobility?
Weight and measurement.

For home use : The MOTION+
For strolling around, as you young folks are doing
(I really do hope so! :smiley:)
go for a FLARE

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Agreed. App access for this would have been really nice. I wonder if that’s something that can come down the road with a firmware update? … or more likely, in the Mini 2. lol

@andrewGholden374, I agree. Between battery life and sound, I’m constantly impressed by Anker’s speakers.

@Chiquinho, the “baby-Flare” is so cute. It would be awesome if you could pair all the Flares together to extend how far the sound reaches. Then you can add a baby to your family of speakers. haha.

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I do remember seeing a thread on how to pair all of these :wink: this is still a possibility !

For real?! That would be awesome! Was it on here?

Found it Here

Interesting! So you basically pair the speakers with some GH devices and then have all those GH devices in a speaker group to play the same audio out of any speaker that’s connected to the GH devices. Very clever!


I have tried using the dual audio feature on my Note 9 and connecting two regular (Flares Bluetooth 4.2) and (2 Flare+'s Bluetooth 5.0) and they were slightly out of sync. I’m assuming they were out of sync because the different Bluetooth protocols and that it would work if you had four of the same speakers. 4 regular Flares or 4 Flare+.

That being said the Flare mini also uses 4.2 so they might be able to be synced perfectly with two regular Flares also BT 4.2

OR two Flare+ BT 5.0 and two Flare S+ BT 5.0 (when the Flare S+ is released.)

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Plus there are ideas from @Tank and @TheDude on the same thread!

Yes this is the reason.

So it should be possible to pair those using the same bt protocols

If you keep playing with 4 speakers synced, it will eventually normalize and be in sync. You can also adjust the play speed so they will be in sync.

The reason for the delay has nothing to due with bluetooth protocol being different, its an inherent feature of using dual audio. It even states, at least on my phone, that when dual audio is enabled there will be audio lag.

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:fire::fire: REMIX :fire::fire:


Great review and photos as always!

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