Soundcore Flare+ heavy popping and bopping

I absolutely love Flare+ but I have this very, very annoying issue. It often makes pop and bop sound. Especially when listening low volume materials like dialogue with long pauses. It’s also ocurrs very often when speaker is connected, nothing is playing and I receive a notification. Sound it makes is brutal. It’s so loud and and full bodied that it disqualifies this device as a night/chillout speaker. It made me jump several times so I stopped using it when going to sleep.

The sound is similiar to quickly connecting a minijack with volume on high. It sounds too like a D/A converter switching on and off, and I believe this might be it. I connected it to several devices (currently Xiaomi Mi 8). I tried every BT setting possible in developer options. I’ve tried mixing volumes between player/device/speaker. Nothing helps. I have this issue since I bought it March 2020. I really love this speaker but this issue makes me want to bash it against a wall.

Should I ask for replacement under guarantee? Anyone experiences this too?

May be a faulty unit, reach out to Soundcore support and follow the resolution steps, as instructed by support.

That’s a weird issue. I have the Flare+ and haven’t had that issue and I usually a couple times a week

Thanks. I might ask for a replacement or repair. It’s far too frustrating.