Soundcore Flare connected to Windows 10 but no sound

Hi, I just bought Soundcore Flare and i tried it with my android phone. It was great!. I got a problem when I want to connect it with my laptop running Windows 10. It was successfully paired and connected but it cannot produce any sound, I tried to connect my laptop with my bluetooth headphone and was run perfectly fine. Any solution?

Windows 10 fresh out of the box is not compatible with Bluetooth 4.2. You may need to download a compatible driver in order to be able to use the Flare on your PC.

thanks for your response, so, in other words, I couldn’t use my Flare with my Windows 10? the link you gave me doesn’t contain driver download page. I’ve updated my bluetooth driver via device manager and 4.0 is the most update

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You need to go to the manufacturer’s website of the bluetooth card your computer is using and download the latest bluetooth driver direct from them. Windows will not update your driver for you, at least not to the manufacturer’s latest driver


Was just about to suggest that as well. If it is the normal onboard Intel Wireless Bluetooth, more than likely you will not be able to update it to support 4.2 from what I was able to find. You may have to reach directly out to them via their support channel and see if it something that has an update.

Right click on your home button
Select Device Management
Expand Bluetooth

That should show you which you have installed

Double click on it
Click the Driver Tab
Hit Update Driver
Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”
Allow it to download the most recent version available
Test again (may want to reboot just to make sure)

Worst case you can possibly purchase a Bluetooth 4.2 dongle and try to run it off of that, but I am not 100% on the compatibility with the Flare. That would be something that @AnkerOfficial would be able to help with.

You can also contact Anker support and see if they have a remedy as well. They are awesome and will help you out.


So sorry to hear you are having a problem with the Soundcore Flare speaker. Regarding the issue you mentioned, please try following tips to see if any help:

  1. Change the default output device on your PC to “Bluetooth speaker”.
  2. Close media applications on your PC (such as Windows Media Player)
  3. Open Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Audio
  4. Change the default device to “Bluetooth speaker” in Sound playback

Hope it helps. If the issue persists. Please contact us at with the issue and a copy of the receipt if any further assistance needed.

You might have trouble if your laptop is connected to two different Bluetooth devices.

Use Driver Booster or similar software to update bluetooth drivers. It solved my same issue.

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