Soundcore Flare 2 Review inc audio & IPX Water Testing

Disclaimer: This review was made as part of the We Love Testing program here.

The Impressive

  • Improved audio & bass over the first generation Soundcore Flare :metal:
  • More LED lights, with better clarity & brightness over the first gen model
  • USB-C charging port, backing those after a single cable solution :open_mouth:
  • Like for like battery life against the original Flare…that seems to go on and on…:+1:
  • App control of features including remote power down
  • Customisable equaliser via the SoundCore App :nerd_face:
  • Ability to pair with another Soundcore Flare 2…or a few dozen with PartyCast (and enough money)
  • Water resistance - good for life accidents or your need to torture a speaker :grin:

Slightly Disappointing

  • Loss of the auxiliary port, which helps for troubleshooting speaker issues sometimes
  • Lack of backwards pairing compatibility with the original Soundcore Flare
  • Reduced IPX rating

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Good made Neil.
Is the sound really SO MUCH better than that FLARE 1?


Awesome review as usual, @ndalby! I especially liked that you closed the video with the Flare 2’s “power off” sound! :smile:

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Great review - I love the coloured lights around the top of the Flare 2!


Great review from you @ndalby
It looks an awesome speaker👍🏻

Great review! :clap: Good job! :ok_hand:

Great video @ndalby. I like the addition of the LED lights on the top and the sound seems much nicer too. Although, it did look a tad taller then the Flare 1.

Great review @ndalby. :ok_hand:

Awesome video review and great side by side picture!

Me too! hahaha
I want to dance with the music. Lol :rofl:


Thanks for the comments guys & gals…

@Chiquinho Yes, the audio is a definite improvement over the the Flare 1…feels fuller/warmer (with or without BassUp)

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This might be a reason to get a pair of these and donate the others.
But its not urgent. :grinning:

Very nice review plus the video. Now i really like to have one!

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Good job :slight_smile:

Nice review as always

Love the review and photos. I have the mini and like the LEDs at the bottom, so I love how they added more at the top makes for a better party atmosphere!

Great Review!! :+1::+1::+1:

Excellent job, Neil!

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I’m all for donations!